Group AIM workshops


We have all heard the saying ”you have to learn to walk before you can run”.In actual fact you have to be able to walk to do anything and you have to be able to do it with as much quality as possible to that you don’t have injury.


When you're walking gait is not of good quality or in adaption all sports put you at risk of injury sooner when you participate in high intensity exercise.


If these faults are present or quality movements are missing it can make you predisposed to injury much sooner than otherwise would be the case when running, gym training or any type of high performance activity.


Learning how you're walking gait is and what may be better is extremely important to prevent injury or to heal yourself from injury.


These workshops are designed to make Anatomy in Motion more accessible to as many people as possible so that the access to information to help themselves be pain free. Group sessions of Anatomy in Motion workshops are constructed in a 6 class format each workshop designed to cover a particular area of movement . Patterns of movement will be evaluated and checks thought during the workshop to establish what movement patterns are missing that maybe leading to pain.


To achieve this goal the intention has to be on educating and discovering where your body is missing areas of movement it should have from the feet all the way up to your head. The workshops follow closely the format of a 1 on 1 Anatomy in Motion session but in a group setting.


This is not an exercise class.. this is a treatment based workshop designed to see where your movement blindspots are that lead to adaption, injury and pain. To educate your body where these are using assessments and give it an invitation to move in a different way so that your body accesses this information on a subconscious level so that it moves with more quality than before and less adaptation leading to less pain.


Achieving this outcome is the intention of the workshop series and it is important that all 6 class based workshops are attended for the maximum impact. This is why you must sign up for all 6 rather than drop in classes as I will be guiding you through the process from start to finish.


In the workshops you will learn how to incorporate interventions that will benefit you well after the workshops are finished to help you move better and pain free.


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