Specialised Treatment Programs

TMJ treatment Programme

This unique programme is designed for suffers of Temporal Mandible Joint disfunction and those who get pain in the jaw from tensing their jaw/grinding their teeth and aims to solve the issues that lead to grinding. By combining experts in their fields to combat off set bite and jaw issues for good by using a different approach than is currently available.


This approach uses 4 disciplines to treat the problem from all angles and ensure your bite readjustment holds as well getting you healthier at the same time.


















What specialised advanced  treatments are used?


Dental Bite screening and alignment 

Nutritional Therapy dietary adjustment uniquely tailored to the individual 

Structural Alignment/Gait Alignment to correct underlines issues and injuries

Internal health issues corrected with Specialised Acupuncture unique to this programme



What are the Benefits:

  • Having your bite correctly adjusted by an expert Dentist

  • Adjusting your diet so the food you are eating reduces grinding of your teeth and better overall health

  • Realignment of the body so these imbalances or injuries don’t pull the bite back out of alignment

  • Treating root cause imbalances internally in the body for the structure to hold the new position and correct bite be retained

  • Reduced tensing of the Jaw muscles

  • You are getting a full body approach to your problem for better health and  improved bite 


Who is this programme for?

  • Primarily those who want their bite re-aligned and keep the new position 

  • Those who have any  issues with their jaw, Grinding teeth, pain in the jaw, TMJ disfunction

  • Excessive wear on teeth and pain of the teeth

  • Those suffering from tension headaches, teeth sore on biting

  • Degenerative arthritic changes in TMJ

  • Those with lower back issues, neck issues


How does it work?


  • An initial consultation with Dr. Anca for bite/Dental assessment and adjustment

  • An initial consultation and treatment programme for structural alignment/ Specialist Acupuncture for Jaw complaints

  • An initial consultation for nutritional assessment and eating plan 



How can I get started?



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