Online 6 week Postpartum Recovery Classes


These postpartum recovery classess are an essential resource for your recovery from common complaints after pregancy.

Pregnancy is essentially the most physically high performance actively a human body can perform. The amount of adapations in the spine and the rest of the structure to accommodate the growing baby over the 9 months of development is extensive.Not to mention the energy drain from the mother that is ongoing to help feed the baby and contribute to the babys development.

All building to the labour at the end of the 9 month pregnancy which is a very physically,emotionally and physiologically demanding event. Depending the labour you have this can have last effects on your structure afterwards. Unfortunately the advise for selfcare after the baby is delivered is poor with the majority of women being told to rest for 6 weeks and then get on with everything like normal. This is the reason why up to 70% of women suffer with issueslike back pain,joint pain, pelvic floor pain and shoulder issues for years postpartum that don't get resolved.This is effectively a none plan for recovery and recovery from pregnancy has to be thought out and proactively engaged in to help speed up the process.


 I have been treating women for postpartum recovery in clinic for over 20 years with great success but I can only see a certain amount of patients this way. That is why I have started group postpartum recovery treatment classes to help more women recover quicker and gain more control over their recovery.


These are guided treatment sessions in a group environment with the aim to help you out of pain and speed up your recovery to feeling and moving pain free. 

The classess are run over 6 weeks online on Zoom where by each class is recored and you have access to the recording to practice until the next class. The classee are structured so that we assess movement and look at correcting what is missing by coaching you into the correct movement step by step in an easy to follow manner.





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