Online Postpartum Workshop Class


Online postpartum workshops are an essential resource for your recovery from common complaints after pregancy, to speed up the 2 year recovery that it typically takes to get back to "normal". Usually this "normal" is with lasting issues that just don't seem to go away due to poor recovery strategies and a lack of meaningful advice.


As an example of the detail that is needed for full recovery, the most up to date research says that foot position can determine the effect of the resting position of your pelvic floor. That is how intergrated the body is and also the reason why it is so important that we start at the feet and work up the body in detail to stack the whole body with better alignment.


Postpartum treatment is severely limited at best for women, the most common advice is do nothing for 6 weeks then do everything including looking after a newborn! There may be some vague advice towards doing some pelvic floor exercises but that is it and it falls short by a very long margin. This is the reason why women suffer with issues for years postpartum that don't get resolved.


I have been treating women for postpartum recovery in clinic for over 20 years with great success but I can only see a certain amount of patients this way. That is why I have started group treatment workshops to help more women recover quicker and gain more control over their recovery.


If you are struggling with pubic bone pain, bladder issues, pelvic floor problems, lower and upper back pain and joint pain postpartum this is for you, as those issues don't just get better with time. Work is needed to unwind your system so it can corrrect itself but this has to be learned.


These are guided treatment sessions in a workshop environment with the aim to help you out of pain and speed up your recovery to feeling and moving pain free. There are various types of workshops with different levels of detail, course length and pricing.


More updates:


I recommmed starting with the once off workshop and then progressing into the 4 week workshop programme.


Breakdown of workshop investment:


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4 Week Workshop class treatment programme €144(Starts August 19th at 10am for 4 weeks)


4 Week Workshop treatment Programme €159 (limited to 15 people, questions answered during sessions)


Semi private Treatment session €69 per person limited to 5 people.


1 on 1 sessions 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour session available.


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