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Welcome to Acudublin , your first step closer to injury recovery and health is just a click away. My approach to resolving injuries is to tailor a treatment plan around you and what could have lead to the pain or injury you are suffering from now. To look at the root cause of your injury the current injury and how to recover from and prevent a reoccurrence of it the future. To ensure that I can do this for you I use in isolation or in combination highly specialised therapies that are detailed below for a faster recovery and a pain free future for you.

Our Techniques

Below is a selection of the specialised therapies that I use to help resolve injuries and recover to patients to full health.They can be used in isolation or in combination depending on the needs of the individuals are choose which one suits you best.

Tungs Orthodox Acupuncture

For most people Acupuncture is just Acupuncture but there are a few different types that have developed in different areas of the world or even in China itself. I have been studying acupuncture for over 20 years and for me the most effective by far is Tungs Orthodox Acupuncture

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Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion is a movement based treatment modality, where a detailed evaluation of the quality of movement a patient has, is paramount for discovering where an injury has originated from.

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Kore Therapy

It is a ground-breaking treatment & assessment system specialising in finding and treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating an improvement even in the most chronic conditions.

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Group/Online AIM workshops

We have all heard the saying ”you have to learn to walk before you can run”. In actual fact you have to be able to walk to do anything and you have to be able to do it with as much quality as possible so that you don’t have injury.

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What Our Customers Say

Google Reviews

September 2019

Aideen O Sullivan

I would highly recommend Paul. I had a frozen shoulder, which I now have mobility in. He was great at explaining everything & made me feel at ease. His appointments always ran on time and I would have no hesitation in recommending him

Google Reviews

August 2019


Paul was brilliant in helping me in my road to recovery. The sessions was simple with a lot of advice into preventing the issues from returning. Would highly recommend seeing him.

Google Reviews

August 2019

Selene Brennan

Not for a moment would I hesitate in recommending someone to book a session with Paul. He holds a vast amount of knowledge in his field and clearly shows it within each session. I am forever grateful for the awareness towards my body that he has brought to me. A definite 5 star rating!

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You can contact me by email or ring to make an enquiry about appointments.Due to clinic appointments you are better emailing first before calling, use the details below.

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